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Nathalie Wuiame


Nathalie Wuiame, managing director of CESEP scrl and lecturer at Rennes University (France) in gender equality on the work floor. Nathalie has developed her expertise on gender equality for 25 years. Since 2008, she delivered trainings on gender mainstreaming, gender budgeting and gender equality. She is a member of the European Network of legal experts in gender equality (

She has been involved since 2000 in evaluation and monitoring of the integration of gender in research policies. She was involved in the gender impact assessment study of the Human Potential and Socio-Economic Knowledge of the 5th Framework Programme in the Gender monitoring of the Mobility actions under FP6 and the feasibility study for the creation of the European Platform of women’s scientists. More recently, she took part in the development of the “gender in Research Toolkit” and in the research on the review of institutional capacity for gender mainstreaming, both conducted by Yellow Window.


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