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Fulvia Signani


Fulvia Signani, Psychologist and Health Sociologist – Vice Director of the University Center for Studies on Gender Medicine; since aa 01-02 until 2016-17 Professor in charge of Health Promotion; since 2017-18 until now Professor in charge of Health and Gender Sociology, Humanities Dept. and Medicine Dept., University of Ferrara – Currently retired as President of Peer Opportunity Committee (since 2007 to 2020) at the Local Health Services Company of Ferrara. Trainer on Gender Health, Psychology and Medicine (since 2008 until now). Attended as Student at the EUGIM European Curriculum in Gender Medicine Project (2009-11); as Active Supporter of the Roadmap for a gender-sensitive approach to healthcare research and practice in Europe at the EUGenMed project 7° research Program grant agreement No 602050 (2014 and 16). Is the Author of one of the first Italian Book on Gender Medicine (2013) “La salute su misura. Medicina di genere non è medicina delle donne” (Shaping Health. Gender Medicine isn’t Women Medicine)

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