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Bente Knoll


Bente Knoll holds a Master’s Degree in Landscape Planning and Architecture, a PhD in Transport and Traffic Planning and a certificate in mainstreaming-Gender-and-Diversity-in-Organisations. She is managing director of B-NK GmbH Büro für nachhaltige Kompetenz (Consultancy for Sustainable Competence) – a SME and independent research institute and consultancy located in Vienna, Austria. In planning and communication processes as well as in technology research and development projects the Consultancy for Sustainable Competence points out the relevance of gender and diversity and develops action-oriented solutions towards gender equality and quality management.

Bente Knoll’s main professional interests and area of expertise are in integrating gender and diversity perspectives in research and consulting processes in science, engineering, technology, urban, transport and landscape planning, mobility research as well as sustainable development. In addition to her work as a consultant, Bente Knoll holds teaching assignments – basic and advanced lectures as well as seminars – in Gender Studies and Engineering at various Austrian universities.


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