Marta Alirangues

Hi everybody,

I’m Marta Alirangues Núñez, originally from Spain but living in Berlin, Germany for more than 5 years. Currently, I am working in 2 different but connected fields: as a doctoral student doing research in aquatic ecology and as central equal opportunities representative in FVB, coordinating equal opp. representatives of 7 different research institutions in Berlin and organizing workshops and anything related to the topic of equal opportunities and gender equality.

I’m also the co-coordinator of Soapbox Science Berlin, a novel public outreach platform for promoting cis, transwomen, genderqueer and non-binary scientists and the science they do. Our events transform public areas into an arena for public learning and scientific debate. The event takes place every year in many cities worldwide. If you want to know more, you can check the website.

Besides that, I love plants, going on walks in nature and discovering new ones, photography, diving, and any new way of exploring and seeing the world.

I’m also working on expanding my network and looking forward to meeting people.